High School Online Programs

National History Academy Online (NHAO) is a unique college prep summer experience for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade high school students and recent high school graduates with an interest in civics, civil discourse, and the history of the United States.

NHAO offers an inspiring and engaging learning environment. The theme for this summer is voting, with the first week spent doing a deep dive into the Electoral College. For three other weeks, you will immerse yourself in cases developed by Harvard Business School Professor David Moss’s Case Method Institute, delving deeply into major themes of American history with direct relevance with current events. This summer’s cases focus on The Right of Revolution for the Disenfranchised, How Voting Methods Impact Democracy, and Redistricting.

In this program, you will participate in rich discussions with other engaged students about these significant periods and events in American history and tie them to the struggles we’re facing now. 

The programs will run for one week each, 8:00 to 9:30 PM EDT Monday through Thursday. Each week, you will spend time in small online classes with students from around the country and globe, led by top high school history teachers. You will spend three days working through the material and cases then will participate in a Braver Angels debate which is designed to facilitate open, frank and respectful discussion of topics with strong tie-ins to each week’s material.

National History Academy Online builds on the success of our ground-breaking residential program, which has brought students together from all around the country for the summer to study the foundations of our American Democracy. Academy students have come from all 50 states and 20 countries and gone on to top colleges, including Yale, Penn, Ohio State, West Point, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Williams, Florida, Bowdoin, Rice, Texas, Washington University, Ole Miss, Michigan, and USC.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum challenges you to participate and interact with fellow students and explore historic places virtually. Curriculum components include:

History Cases

Case Method Institute Cases

NHAO uses the case-based History of American Democracy curriculum developed by Professor David Moss. The cases provide an interdisciplinary and contextual examination of key historic events, permitting students to consider the multiple viewpoints of historical debates and to place themselves in the shoes of decision makers. 

Debate Program

Braver Angels Debate Formats

Braver Angel Debates utilize a special parliamentary format that encourages everyone to speak or ask questions, ensures civility in disagreement, and strives for learning and better understanding for all. It does not force participants to one side or another, but instead is a method to foster productive discussion in a supportive environment for all.

The Case Method of Learning

Watch what our students have to say about this unique learning approach.

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